Why Quills Ink ?

Quills Ink is India’s newest innovation in the field of digital publishing. We pave the way for authors to achieve their goals by publishing their books and getting them to the global market, all this with the luxury of retaining full control and rights to their work.

Operating on a global network, Quills Ink provides worldwide distribution so that authors can reach readers just about anywhere in the world through their print and digital version of books.

Our author centric approach provides a broad array of tools and services to allow authors to make their own choices throughout the publishing process. Authors retain all rights, maintain editorial control and choose the exact selection of services that best suits their goals.

Five benefits of publishing with us

You’re in Control
Control complete designing, marketing and selling of your books.

You Keep Rights
You own all the copyrights of your book.

Sell Globally
Your book will sell through major online retailers throughout the world in print and digital format.

Earn on your sales
Earn upto 100% of all the net sales proceeds.

Hassle Free
All the above under one contract and hassle free publishing. Just contact us and we will do the rest

Guide to Publishing
Don’t have time to browse, fill this form and our Publishing Consultant will get in touch with you.

Download Our Publishing Guide
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